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Buying car insurance month by month

There are all sorts of offers in the world of retail that are supposed to get you to spend your hard-earned cash on one product rather than another. You only have to walk around the supermarket to see all the 'three for the price of two', 'buy one, get one free' and 'free breakfast bowl with seventeen packets of cereal' type offers. I've even seen offers that were obviously thought up by somebody at the end of a very long, arduous shift, such as 'buy one for £3 or get three for £9', or even worse, 'buy one for £1.75 or two for £4'. What's even sadder is that people sometimes go for these deals. It isn't just shops that do these things, either; the advert breaks are now littered with special offers, too.

Enquire about life insurance for the older customer and you can get a free pen, presumably so you can write stern letters to your life insurance company to complain about the patronising advertising campaign and the really boring free gift. There's also the glut of used-car adverts where they promise to give you x amount of pounds for your car as part exchange for one of their cars, regardless of your car's condition, so they can charge you double what the new car's worth. With all the accident lawyers around these days, I'm waiting for the 'break one limb, get compensation for another broken limb free' advertising campaign.

Some special offers are available all the time, which calls into question the retailer's understanding of the word 'special'. For example, I'm pretty confident that I could buy a sofa right now and pay nothing until next April, then have interest-free credit for two years after that. Of course, the four children and three dogs will have destroyed the sofa before we even make it to Christmas, but it's the thought that counts.

But, have you noticed how the offers you really want never seem to come up? Where is the 'buy a pizza and have the delivery person do the housework while you eat it' offer? Why have I yet to see a 'buy life insurance and a famous person will retweet everything you say on Twitter' offer? These are the things people really want, not enough bottles of conditioner to float the Titanic because they were free with the shampoo!

There is a catch with everything of course. Most car insurers will charge you extra for paying them back over 12 months but then again if you compare prices you may pay a lot less for your policy in the first place. Either way, it costs nothing to get some quotes and it should only take you a few minutes.

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